Meet Knetta Lilly

K Lilly Interiors, LLC is a boutique residential interior decorating firm in Atlanta, GA.  With over 15 years of design experience, we specialize in creating unique, high-end designs for every budget.  Most people feel as though Interior Designers are a luxury only afforded by celebrities, millionaires and the super rich.  We seek to provide designs that are high end yet relatively affordable for everyday people. To maximize our clients’ budgets, most of the spaces we design are decorated with gently consigned/thrifted décor that is integrated seamlessly for a high-end look.

My name is Knetta Lilly and I am the Owner and Principal Designer for K Lilly Interiors. I’ve always had a flair for being creative and using that creativity to design unique spaces.  Friends, family and co-workers frequently solicited my expertise in redecorating their homes or designing spaces for a special event.  With these clients as my customer base, K Lilly Interiors began offering full-scale design services in the Houston Metropolitan area in 2002.  I worked in banking for several years but when I was laid off in 2011, I decided to pursue my design passion full time.

As a testament to the quality of our work, K Lilly Interiors’ work has been featured as the Set Design for a Drama Series on the AIB Cable Network and our work has been featured in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC).

Allow K Lilly Interiors to transform your home from “Drab to Fab.”  The excitement of designing the space, bringing that vision into reality and providing our clients “more than they could have imagined” is the ultimate joy of our work.  We look forward to creating a home, office or retail space for you that is High End not High Priced!

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Knetta Lilly
Owner and Principal Designer